Engines for Sale – If you need an engine – and its not on here – please email: Mikey@SeefinAviation.com

Description Condition Sale/Lease Notes Link to Specs
 CFM56-3C1’s  Serviceable  Price Fluctuates  Seefin Aviation have many CFM56-3C1 Engines- Price’s are all different and may change with demand. Please contact Mikey@SeefinAviation.com for more details
 CFM56-5B  Brand NewBare  Sale Only  Price 10.2M per Engine

2 Engines Available

 2x CFM56-5A3  Serviceable  Sale Only  1 with 6000CR, 7000CR  Sold
 2x CFM56-5A1  Serviceable  Sale Only 1 with 7000 CR, 2457CR  Sold
 CF-50 x 5 Serviceable and in Storage Sale Only 1000+ CR  Sold
 V2500A5 x 2  Serviceable5000+ CR Target Price6M US$ ea  Available Immediately after LOI is signed- Full records Available  Sold