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Seefin Aviation will be available – if and when you need us -24/7 – as per normal

Available…Brand New A320’s – NEO’s and CEO’s for immediate delivery and Brand New A350-900’s for immediate delivery Also Available – A320-200’s – YOM 2008+

A330-200 YOM 2009, also some 2007/2001 Dash 8’s – & ATR72-500 YOM 2007 – and many more off market aircraft….

Historically, Ireland has had strong links with the aviation industry. James O’Shea, Founder and CEO of Seefin Aviation, has fostered and developed a sound knowledge of the key aspects of aviation leasing and finance in order to maximise the inherent talent and interest in this field.

Seefin Aviation can assist and facilitate Aircraft owners, Lessor’s, Airlines, financiers and investors in commercial Aircraft transactions including cargo aircraft and helicopters, new and pre-owned/used.

We can help you make the right equipment selection, structure efficient aircraft transactions, and source and re market commercial Aircraft, both wide-body and narrow-body, regional and cargo aircraft, help you decide whether Purchase or Lease is right for you, and provide ongoing Asset Management for aircraft fleet portfolios.

Seefin Aviation has access and networks to top 50 Global Leasing Aviation Companies/Banks/Equity Funds for your financing and leasing requirements. Seefin Aviation is based in Ireland the hub of the global Aircraft leasing industry and has unrivaled partners available for technical, maintenance and management strategy support to Airlines/Owners.

Seefin Aviation would like to introduce you to a best solution for all your aviation Insurance challenges

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